Air Handler Addition and Replacement Project

Total Industrial Services, Inc. was awarded the task by regional medical center to demolish one built in place air handler and three packaged air handlers contained in one basement equipment room.

Three new air handlers purchased by the medical center were installed adjacent to each other within the same mechanical room. In addition, a fourth air handler was selected and purchased to be installed within another mechanical room.

The complexity of this project encompassed removal and replacement logistics and phasing. All of the air handlers were shipped in sections in order to be lowered into the basement through the outsider air intake; moved into their respective equipment rooms and assembled.

The first air handler to be installed was rated at 40,000 cubic feet per minute and was placed in a new equipment room located in the abandoned laundry. It was ducted to a common supply duct served by the old air handlers. Upon completion of the ductwork, piping, electrical work and controls a shutdown was schedule and the new air handler supply and return ducts were attached to the common ducts.

The new air handler was started and three of the old wire handlers were shutdown. This allowed the demolition of the three old air handlers.

New equipment pads were poured in the room containing the old air handlers and two new 30,000 cubic feet per minute air handlers were set in place and ductwork, piping, electrical services and controls were installed. Isolation dampers were installed in the common supply duct in order to allow installation of the new air handlers. The arid handlers were started and the isolation dampers opened. Three air handlers were now serving one large common supply duct.

The large built in place air handler serving the medical patient tower was fitted with two large round supply ducts. These ducts are routed up a duct shaft for distribution on each floor. Temporary supply ducting was connected to the new air handlers supply plenum and routed to the two large supply ducts in the duct chase. The built in place air handler was shut down and demolished.

A new 30,000 cubic feet per minute air handler was placed on a new equipment pad and assembled in the place of the built-in air handler. Utilities over the location of this air handler were relocated to allow the extension of the supply plenum from the first two air handles. Piping, ductwork, electrical service and controls were installed. The supply duct was connected to the extended supply air plenum.

The last unit was started. Testing and balancing was accomplished.

The project duration was eleven months.